Commissions and competitions

Heidi Hare for the Cotswolds Hare Trail

Heidi Hare and me for the Cotswolds Hare Trail


  1. Starry Sky and the City of Scaly Tails. published in the Cheltenham Illustration Awards annual – Tales of the City 2015 and was displayed in at the Wilson Gallery in Cheltenham and The London Book Fair.

  2. The Almighty Beard, submitted to this years Cheltenham Illustration Awards competition – Tales of Nonsense.

  3. To be used as a profile picture for a Soundcloud page.

4 and 5. Working with a small business who sell framed artwork to produce Alice in Wonderland inspired illustrations.

  1. To be printed in a collaborative publication as a Risograph.

7,8. A commission for a Lovely Musician to be used as a CD cover and CD artwork.